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You won’t see gummy stem blight coming, and it’ll hurt

January 21, 2016

Gummy stem blight is a highly destructive, foliar fungal disease that can cause yield losses of more than 50 percent in watermelon crops. With warm, wet conditions in 2015, gummy stem blight spread to a wider region than ever before.

Unlike other diseases for which impact can be predicted, gummy stem blight is a major problem because it can occur without warning. The fungal disease causes lesions on leaves and causes stems to exude a gummy material. The impact of gummy stem blight can be minimized if addressed in a timely manner that includes fungicide applications.

For control of gummy stem blight in watermelon crops, consider Inspire Super® fungicide. Combining a trusted chemistry with the active ingredient cyprodinil, Inspire Super offers effective disease control with excellent rainfastness and flexible application options, easily fitting into existing management programs for optimal yield and quality.

To learn more, contact your local Syngenta representative.


Inspire Super applications on day 16 and day 23: inoculated with Gummy Stem Blight on day 18 and kept in a high humidity chamber for 48 hours.


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