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Yarmouth, IA Grow More Experience Site Battles Corn and Soybean Diseases

August 21, 2020
This agronomic image shows a Syngenta sign in front of a corn field

Corn disease management trials at the Yarmouth, IA, Grow More Experience site.

After some inconsistent weather conditions at the Yarmouth, IA, Grow More Experience Site, field trials are still underway to demonstrate how fungicides perform against the state’s regularly occurring diseases.

In corn, you’re likely familiar with some the bigger diseases we’re seeing, like gray leaf spot (GLS) and Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB). But there’s a new player in the game – tar spot. This disease has moved across IA, with Iowa State University reporting sightings in 75 out of 99 counties last year. Not only can tar spot limit your yield potential, but it can also influence standability and dry down of your crop. GLS and NCLB also affect dry down time, so applying a fungicide that enhances plant health to help protect against stress can be very helpful.

For soybeans, one of the most common diseases in IA is frogeye leaf spot. This disease, however, may become more challenging to control as strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot pathogens slowly move through the state. In 2018, strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot was confirmed in IA and now 51 counties have reported it, creating a need to adjust disease management strategies. We recommend implementing a crop rotation program and applying a fungicide with multiple, effective modes of action.

Zachary Trower, Agronomy Service Representative, shares how the right fungicide can fight off these aggressive diseases.

To protect against these and other damaging corn and soybean diseases, we recommend a preventive application of Miravis® Neo fungicide. Powered by Aedipdyn® technology, one of the highest-performing SDHI molecules available, Miravis Neo provides broad control of key diseases to help you reap more bushels more often. Plus, Miravis Neo provides plant-health benefits that keeps crops healthier longer, maximizing profit potential.

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