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Worm Pressures Call for Diligent Soybean Scouting

August 11, 2016

SOUTHERN STATES: Entomologists recently reported sightings of corn earworm and armyworm. Because of this, experts encourage growers to scout often, and thoroughly.

Gus Lorenz, extension entomologist at the University of Arkansas Extension, warns growers to be on the lookout for corn earworm and other defoliating pests, such as fall armyworm and yellowstripes. Currently, Lorenz is seeing them in soybeans that are starting to bloom and set pods, and a lot in fields that are in the R1 to R2 stage.

Small, late-planted beans are particularly vulnerable to foliar damage. Clemson University Extension advises growers to scout weekly for corn earworm from the last week of July through August. Defoliation should not exceed 15 percent after mid-bloom or 30 percent before mid-bloom.

With soybean commodity prices constantly fluctuating, it is important to be conservative with scouting efforts. Lorenz recommends dropping the scouting threshold for worms to somewhere between seven and nine worms. In July, growers in many fields were already finding as many as 12 worms per 25 sweeps.

To combat these pests, it’s also crucial that growers choose the right insecticide for the job. For protection against corn earworm, armyworm and other foliar-feeding pests, Syngenta offers Besiege® insecticide. Besiege provides excellent knockdown and long-lasting residual of the most difficult-to-control lepidopteran pests. Its convenient premix formula contains two active ingredients with complementary modes of action for dual protection against key insects.

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