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Wheat Harvest: The Next Step in Solution Management

July 17, 2017
This agronomic image shows the weed kochia in a wheat field.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and the more you know, the more wheat you can grow. Scouting during harvest is a smart way to set you up for future success in wheat, or any crop for that matter. In part 2 of our 3 part series, here are some weed management tips to keep in mind during wheat harvest:

Weed Escapes

When weeds compete with crops, yield can suffer dramatically. Weeds negatively impact yield potential and quality by competing with wheat crops for nutrient uptake and water efficiency. Running a combine through weedy fields increases the risk of spreading weed seeds into previously clean fields.

Take note of weed species that escape herbicide applications and reference them when considering herbicide inputs for 2018. If you see signs of weed pressure, it may be time to explore other grass or broadleaf herbicides than can control tough weeds your current product may be missing. It’s important to target difficult‐to‐control weeds, like kochia, and herbicide‐resistant species with multiple, effective modes of action.

When faced with weeds, Syngenta recommends Talinor™ herbicide, which provides quicker, more efficient knockdown of tough broadleaf weeds.

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