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What’s in Your Herbicide Premix?

June 29, 2018
This agronomic image shows a corn field with A full rate of Acuron applied pre-emergence in New Baden, IL.

2018: A full rate of Acuron applied pre-emergence in New Baden, IL.

When choosing a corn herbicide premix, it’s important to know its individual active ingredients, how they work together and if their sites of action are effective on your driver weeds. Resistance to different sites of action is increasing, and multiple effective active ingredients are needed to target weeds that are resistant to common herbicide ingredients like glyphosate.

Watch this video to see how bicyclopyrone and Callisto®, 2 of the 4 active ingredients in Acuron® corn herbicide, work together to control tough weeds like morningglory.


Acuron corn herbicide features 4 active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, as well as mesotrione (Callisto), S-metolachlor (Dual II Magnum®) and atrazine that work in tandem to deliver broad-spectrum weed control with multiple effective sites of action (Groups 5, 15 and 27). The S-metolachlor in Acuron also provides better, long-lasting and more consistent grass control.

Are you using Acuron or Acuron Flexi this season? We want to see. Share your photos on social media using #toughweeds.

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