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What’s In a Herbicide?

June 7, 2017

As discussed in the post, Part 1: More Powerful Weed Control, More Often, it’s important to know the facts about what components are in your herbicides and how effective each component is on weeds in your area. As more mesotrione-containing premixes enter the market, it’s important to ask yourself, “Am I getting the same active ingredients in any mesotrione premix?”

The answer? No. While many herbicides contain mesotrione, the other active ingredients used are also important for weed control. And only Acuron® and Acuron® Flexi corn herbicides have bicyclopyrone, which gives them unrivaled, consistent control of tough broadleaf weeds.

Bicyclopyrone was designed to complement mesotrione, so both HPPD-inhibitors work together to deliver powerful weed control. Even on its own or in combination with other active ingredients like atrazine, bicyclopyrone helps the Acuron brands deliver powerful control.

Below is a comparison of bicyclopyrone compared to clopyralid (better known as Stinger®), one of the active ingredients in Resicore®.

Bicyclopyrone (with or without atrazine) provides greater control of waterhemp 14 days after treatment (DAT) than Stinger (alone or with atrazine).

This photo shows weed management techniques through bicyclopyrone vs. Stinger.

To get the facts, talk to your local Syngenta rep or retailer.

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