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Wet weather conditions are conducive for tomato diseases

March 17, 2016

MID ATLANTIC – We’ve said that prevention is key to disease control in tomato fields. With the heavy rain and wet weather conditions experienced this winter, Mid-Atlantic growers are in a perfect storm for intense disease pressure. To give crops a fighting chance, proactive management will be more important than ever.

Rain showers and high humidity make it easy for diseases to attack tomato plants, which can be devastating to an unprotected crop. According to a Penn State University professor of plant pathology, be on the lookout for these three damaging diseases this year:

  • Late blight
  • Bacterial diseases (bacterial spot and speck)
  • Septoria leaf spot

Controlling diseases can be challenging, so scouting early and often is critical and should be continued throughout the season. Additionally, check with local university extension teams to see where disease outbreaks have been confirmed and utilize all resources available to help combat infection.

A product like Orondis® Opti fungicide, which exhibits exceptional long-lasting disease control and systemic redistribution, brings best-in-class protection against late blight in tomatoes. Combining the proven multi-site action of chlorothalonil, with the unique mode of action of oxathiapiprolin, Orondis Opti also offers built-in resistance management and can be included in a season-long disease control program with other fungicides such as Inspire Super® and Revus Top®.  To find out if Orondis Opti is approved for use in your area, visit this page.

In addition, Actigard® plant activator activates the plant’s natural defense system and protects the tomato plant, much like a vaccination. Its systemic movement lets Actigard move through the plant quickly for all-over protection.

No matter what fungicide is chosen to protect tomato crops, scouting and proper timing applications are critical to healthy fields.

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