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Weeds to Watch in Barley and Wheat: Kochia, Wild Oat

June 1, 2017
This agronomic photo shows the weed wild oats.

Caption: Wild oat in a wheat field.

Kochia and wild oat are two of the toughest, yield-robbing weeds in barley and wheat and require effective management. Listen as Brent Lackey, Syngenta product lead, herbicides, explains why each is a weed to watch out for:



 This agronomic photo shows the weed kochia. Weed: Kochia An erect (0.3-1.5 m tall) profusely bushy branched annual with fine textured foliage. Seedlings are often, but not always, pink underneath. The seedling forms as a rosette and have long hairs on the surface. As plants grow, they are blue-green to gray-green in color but take on a reddish or purplish coloration later in the season. The flowers of kochia lack petals and instead, have 5-winged sepals that are green in color.
 This agronomic photo shows the weed wild oats. Weed: Wild Oat Roots are extensive and fibrous. Stems are smooth, stout, about 2’-3’ tall and in bunches of 3-5 hollow stems. Leaves are long and thin, about 2.5”-8” long and about ¼”-¾”wide.

For effective control of kochia and wild oat, we recommend an application of TalinorTM herbicide tank mixed with either Axial® XL or Axial Star herbicide. Talinor combines two modes of action (groups 6 & 27) and effectively controls kochia and 44 other problematic broadleaf weeds. Combining Talinor with Axial XL (group 1) adds control of grasses like wild oat. Axial Star (groups 1 and 4) contains two modes of action for grass / wild oat control and additional activity against kochia.

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