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Weed Management in Full View

May 15, 2019

Dicamba herbicides shot into the market atop the promise of more effective control of resistant weeds. But don’t let that fool you into believing dicamba will be a silver bullet in weed management. The most effective use of dicamba is incorporating it into a full-season program.

Bare-ground trials in Slater, IA, show the difference the use of a full-season herbicide program makes on the effectiveness of dicamba. As the market’s first premix residual dicamba herbicide, Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology provides greater weed control than XtendiMax® With VaporGrip Technology, especially when paired with a pre-emergence herbicide, such as Boundary® 6.5 EC.


Bare-ground comparisons of Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicide followed by Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology (left) vs. XtendiMax® With VaporGrip Technology herbicide (right) show a clear difference in residual effectiveness.

BroadAxe XC 20 – 25 oz/A fb Tavium 3.53 pt/A + Roundup PowerMAX® 28.5 oz/A. Valor XLT 3.5 oz/A fb XtendiMax 22 oz/A + Roundup PowerMAX 28.5 oz/A. Trial locations (15 total across 12 states): IA, IL, KS, TN, WI, MS, MO, KY, OH, IN, NE, DE. HDC50A4-2017: University trials.

Studies show Tavium following a strong pre-emergence herbicide, such as BroadAxe® XC herbicide, provides a 1.9 bu/A soybean yield increase than a program of Valor® XLT followed by XtendiMax. The added residual of the post-emergence application provides longer and more effective weed management, preventing weeds from stealing sunlight and nutrients from soybeans.

View this 360° video to walk through the plots.

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