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We Put These Seed Treatments to the Test so You Don’t Have to

November 2, 2021
saltro compared ilevo

Side by side comparison from the grow-off1.

As one of the biggest yield-robbing soybean diseases, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) causes the loss of millions of bushels every year. Yield loss from SDS can be extremely devastating to crops because it can happen without warning. We put Saltro® fungicide seed treatment to the ultimate test in a head-to-head grow-off against ILEVO® to see which seed treatment delivers first-in-class protection against SDS. In the trial, seeds were planted into soil inoculated with SDS pathogens to ensure disease pressure was present. Cameras recorded the growth of each set of plants, capturing progress of their below-ground root mass development and above-ground emergence.

The Results Are In!

From the start, Saltro took the lead with a larger and stronger root mass. This is because Saltro stays in the root zone longer than the competition, protecting the seed from SDS and plant parasitic nematodes, like Soybean Cyst Nematodes.

  • Saltro-treated soybeans had an average plant height of 12.06 inches compared to ILEVO, standing at 9.35 inches.1
  • Saltro-treated soybeans had an average root depth of 9.80 inches compared to ILEVO’s average root depth of 9.71 inches.1
  • Saltro also provides superior protection from visible plant stress, including phytotoxicity, which was visible in the competitor-treated plants. The root system of the ILEVO-treated soybeans weren’t able to fully recover from the phytotoxic effects, limiting those soybeans from reaching their full yield potential.
  • On average, Saltro outyields ILEVO by 4 bu/A when SDS is present. Even in low SDS pressure, Saltro outyields ILEVO by an average of 1.8 bu/A.2

Witness the fighting advantage of Saltro for your soybeans in 2022 and how you can earn more bushels per acre in the fight against SDS, visit WhySaltro to learn more.

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1Syngenta trials; Stanton, MN; 2020-2021. Saltro-treated plants: S25-2E3NK, Saltro + CruiserMaxx® Vibrance 1.52 fl oz. . ILEVO-treated plants: S25-2E3NK, ILEVO + CruiserMaxx Vibrance 2.17 fl oz. Soil inoculated with SDS.

2U.S. trials with SDS pressure; 2015-2019. Trial locations: AR, IL, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, TN, WI. Trials with significantly different disease incidence/severity rating between Check and SDS treatment.

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