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Watch for Southern Rust in 2018

February 16, 2018
This agronomic image shows corn rust on untreated corn.

Southern rust on untreated corn.

When preparing your management strategy for the 2018 growing season, it’s important to remember what diseases were seen in 2017. One disease that is progressing more and has started to affect a larger number of fields throughout the South and Midwest is Southern rust.

Southern rust can be expected in corn fields throughout the South, but it’s been spotted in the Midwest with increasing frequency. Although rust diseases rarely cause major yield loss in the Midwest, Purdue University emphasizes that Southern rust has the greatest potential to damage yields if it reaches the Midwest at a critical point in the growing season.

Southern rust does not survive Midwest winters, but it is carried in on wind currents each year. It develops in warmer weather and has been appearing in the Midwest in late August or September.

This disease has been known to reduce yields as much as 25 bu/A when a fungicide has not been applied. Syngenta offers Trivapro® fungicide for best-in-class preventive and curative control of rust as well as leaf spots and blights. Trivapro also delivers plant health benefits that help maximize grain-fill and protect stalk strength for reduced lodging.

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