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Watch Out For Sneaky Soybean Yield Stealers in 2024

November 13, 2023
Waterhemp present in a soybean field

Waterhemp present in a soybean field

As you’re planning for 2024, we know you’re looking at variety, optimal planting populations and optimal soil temperature to maximize your potential yield. And, on the flip side, you know weeds, diseases, insects and a whole host of other factors can impact what you see on the yield monitor at harvest. But what you may not know is how your early-season crop protection inputs can stress your soybeans and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Some herbicides can potentially burn young, vulnerable soybeans under certain weather conditions because of their active ingredients. If this is compounded by the stress that some Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) seed treatments can cause, it can set your soybean crops back.

When it comes to protecting your seedlings, make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck with products that don’t harm your soybeans and set you up for higher potential yields. Rather than shortchanging your field, unlock your soybean’s full potential with products that are the right fit for your field’s needs.

That’s why we recommend protecting your soybeans with CruiserMaxx® APX and Saltro® seed treatments, then applying Tendovo® as your preemergence herbicide.

  • For early-season protection: CruiserMaxx APX delivers supercharged protection against early-season insects and diseases, like Pythium and Phytophthora. It also helps soybeans start the season strong with faster speed-to-canopy, stronger roots and more uniform plant stand.
  • For SDS and SCN protection: Saltro delivers upgraded SDS protection without causing early-season plant stress. This helps soybeans emerge healthier and ultimately helps maximize their full genetic yield potential.
  • For weed control without compromise: Many preemergence herbicides control weeds but also cause crop response or injury that sets soybeans back, negatively affecting yield potential. Tendovo controls weeds with unprecedented crop safety from an herbicide, helping soybeans achieve earlier canopy, better plant stands and superior potential yield.

Better Yields Start with Healthier Soybeans

A program with CruiserMaxx APX, Saltro and Tendovo can help your soybeans emerge stronger, have less weed competition without crop injury, achieve earlier canopy closure and maximize yield potential – and that’s really the best deal.

Want to learn more about getting the best yield out of your field? Visit Syngenta-US.com/BetterYield to see how to get the most yield out of every seed on every acre.

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