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Watch for Cotton Bollworm, Stink Bugs, Plant Bugs in TX Cotton

June 15, 2017

Reports over the past month on Pest Patrol from Texas researchers Dr. David Kerns and Mr. Stephen Biles indicate cotton bollworm, stink bugs and plant bugs will soon become pests of concern for Texas cotton growers.

Dr. Kerns reported last month that corn earworm is present in corn, so it’s important to keep an eye out for the pest in cotton as well.

Mr. Biles noted that cotton fleahoppers remain a concern in cotton up to bloom. After bloom, bollworms, stink bugs and plant bugs become a primary concern. He advises the following thresholds for the Coastal Bend region:

  • Bollworm populations of 5,000-10,000/A when scouting bolls
  • Stink bugs and plant bug populations of more than 20% in 1” bolls

Syngenta recommends Besiege® insecticide to control lepidopteran pests, stink bugs and plant bugs, as well as cotton fleahoppers. This broad-spectrum insecticide uses contact, ingestion, and ovicidal action to control lepidopteran pests.

To keep tabs on insects that may be invading fields, we also recommend signing up for state-specific updates via text message through our Pest Patrol program. University experts like Dr. Kerns and Mr. Biles report on which pests they’re seeing in states across the South.

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