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Watch for Blight and Leaf Spot Diseases in Corn Across Southern Great Plains

June 15, 2017

With areas of the Southern Great Plains experiencing dramatic weather events, we must remain vigilant in protecting corn from additional stress by monitoring for potential disease infections, such as Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) and gray leaf spot (GLS). Some common identifiers for NCLB and GLS include:


  • Gray and elliptical shaped lesions that gradually turn tan


  • Small, brown or tan spots surrounded by a yellow halo
  • Elongated, rectangular shaped spots
  • Fuzzy, gray fungal spores on the underside of leaves

We recommend using a fungicide, such as Trivapro®, to control these and other diseases. With three active ingredients Trivapro delivers harder-working and longer-lasting control of key diseases and provides crop enhancement benefits to protect crops from multiple sources of stress.  Trivapro allows the plant to maximize grain-fill by putting more energy toward producing yield instead of fighting disease, and results in stronger stalks, healthier roots, and fuller ears.

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