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Warm Weather Brings Unwelcome Illinois Pests

August 15, 2016

Illinois growers have experienced some fluctuating weather patterns this growing season. Starting with a hot and humid early summer and switching to a wet mid-summer, growers are continuously discovering different issues popping up in their fields. At the Pana, Illinois, Grow MoreTM Experience site, we, too, are tackling tough pests that come with changing weather patterns.

Disease Updates from the Pana Site

Some of the common corn and soybean diseases we are observing this summer include:

  • Northern corn leaf blight
  • Gray leaf spot
  • Common rust
  • Septoria leaf spot
  • Frogeye leaf spot
  • Sudden death syndrome (SDS)

We are testing a number of fungicides at our site, and Trivapro® fungicide continues to stand out. Trivapro fungicide provides preventive and curative activity on several key diseases, including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, rusts, frogeye leaf spot and Septoria leaf spot. With three active ingredients, including Solatenol® fungicide, Trivapro delivers long-lasting disease control and crop enhancement benefits for maximized yield potential across corn and soybean crops.

SDS is one of the most devastating soybean pathogens. According to the Iowa Soybean Association, SDS has resulted in nationwide yield losses of 20-30 million bushels over the last 10 years. The battle against SDS in soybeans is being won in Pana where seeds were treated with Clariva® Complete Beans seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products. Clariva Complete Beans offers season-long soybean cyst nematode (SCN) protection, as well as reduced damage from SCN-related diseases, such as SDS. Adding Mertect® 340-F seed treatment fungicide with direct activity on SDS provides a double mode of action to help manage the disease.

To experience these and other trials at the Pana Grow More Experience site, contact your Syngenta representative.

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