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Volunteer corn can be costly for soybeans

June 2, 2016

Volunteer corn competes heavily with soybeans for water, nutrients and sunlight. University studies show that 2.4 volunteer corn plants per 100 sq. ft. can cause a 10% yield loss.

If that’s not reason enough to target this weed, volunteer corn roots provide a food source for corn rootworm larvae. Remove the food source, and simultaneously eliminate any future eggs they might lay in soybean fields.

For post-emergence weed control in soybeans, Syngenta offers Fusilade® DX herbicide. This herbicide provides unmatched control of volunteer corn and plays a key role in controlling both annual and perennial grass. Additionally, by removing volunteer corn from soybean crops, Fusilade DX reduces the risk of developing corn rootworm trait resistance, which can lead to additional yield loss if not managed.

Volunteer corn can lead to many other costly problems when not managed properly. Controlling this troublesome weed by using a herbicide enables soybeans to grow strong and reach their full yield potential.

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