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Vegetable growers: 6 benefits of applying insecticides with drip chemigation

May 12, 2016

Why should vegetable growers consider drip chemigation with insecticides?

Drip chemigation has many advantages over traditional sprayers in vegetable production. Rutgers University Extension outlines six benefits below:

  1. Total insecticide input is significantly reduced
  2. Insecticides are quickly translocated throughout the plant
  3. Weather is not a factor during application
  4. Less energy is required to distribute insecticides
  5. Applicator exposure to insecticides is significantly reduced
  6. Fits well into an efficient and effective insect pest and soil management program

When applied through drip chemigation, Durivo® insecticide ensures a quality harvest by providing systemic insect control with effective, long-lasting protection for 40 days or more. Durivo also:

  • Produces strong roots for better stand establishment
  • Provides broad-spectrum control of key lepidopteran, sucking and chewing insect pests
  • Results in more vigorous growth
  • Works systemically from within, reducing worker exposure to surface residues
  • Is readily taken up by the roots of germinating seeds and is rapidly transported throughout the plant

Utilizing insecticides and keeping best management practices can help protect vegetable crops. Consider using drip chemigation this growing season for more targeted insect control.

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