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Variety selection considerations for tomatoes and peppers

February 22, 2016

It’s time to order seed and get ready for the spring crop. Variety selection is one of the critical decisions that growers must make each season. According to the University of Florida extension, it’s important to consider demands in the marketplace when selecting varieties: production systems and training methods, diseases and insect pests you might incur throughout the growing season, and yields.

For tomatoes, Syngenta offers a highly diversified product pipeline with unique, multi-disease resistant varieties, to help ensure a sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality tomatoes for different markets in the industry. Tomato varieties from Syngenta are designed according to the demands of key production slots, and provide:

  • Gassing capabilities
  • Attractive disease resistance package with Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, Fusarium crown and root rot and Fusarium wilt
  • A new generation of vine ripe market varieties
  • Optimal flavor, fruit size, smoothness and firmness
  • A high marketable yield with attractive fruit size distribution

For peppers, variety selection is key to meet market standards for quality. Large peppers with thick, smooth walls command the highest market price. Syngenta is constantly innovating new genetic solutions to deliver optimum value capture from the field. High produce prices and reduced field loss are achieved through:

  • New hybrids with early maturity and concentrated fruit setting that hit market windows predictably
  • Desirable jumbo to extra-large fruit
  • Thick walls that reduce post-harvest losses due to bruising and cracking
  • Vigorous plants that produce well under high stress
  • High-quality glossy, smooth fruit that attract retailers

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