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Use Multiple, Effective Modes of Action to Control Waterhemp

July 7, 2017
This agronomic image shows corn rows treated with Acuron and rows treated with only altrazine.

Caption: Pana, IL: Clean Acuron® corn herbicide rows (left) vs. atrazine-only rows with heavy waterhemp pressure (right) 45 days after application on June 13, 2017.

Waterhemp is a difficult-to-control weed throughout the Midwest. Several factors that make it problematic are its immense seed production and ease of mobility. A single waterhemp produces up to 1 million seeds, and its pollen travels up to one-half mile. Left untreated, waterhemp can easily overtake a field and deposit millions of seeds into the weed seed bank.

At the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site, a corn herbicide trial demonstrated the value of using herbicides with multiple, effective modes of action to control difficult weeds like waterhemp. One side of a small demo plot received a treatment of Acuron at 3 qt/A and 1 lb/A atrazine while the other half was only treated with 1 lb/A atrazine. After 45 days, the atrazine-only side showed significant waterhemp pressure while the Acuron-treated side remained clean because Acuron contains three effective modes of action.

Contact your Syngenta representative to visit the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site in July or August. July is the optimal time to view the site’s herbicide demonstrations while August is the best timing for the fungicide demonstrations. You can also check the Know More, Grow More blog throughout the season for periodic updates and event recaps.

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