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Use Full Soybean Herbicide Rates

April 12, 2021
Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicide treatment comparisons in soybean fields

PRE: Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicide, treated 5/13/2020. Captured 7/8/2020 at the Pontiac, IL, Grow More™ Experience site. See the difference of weed control based only on the use rate.

When making herbicide applications, some growers choose to apply reduced rates, thinking it will save money. Most of the time the risk of reduced rates, however, will not outweigh the reward in cost savings. What’s at stake when cutting rates?

  • Weed escapes: Weed escapes are a common problem that can interrupt your harvest, lead to an increased weed seed bank and cause resistance to develop. They can happen when we allow weeds to adapt to our weed management methods. For instance, if you repeatedly use a single site of action (SOA), weeds can build up tolerance to that herbicide and it becomes less effective over time.
  • Deposits to the weed seed bank: Do not let weeds go to seed. Many weeds are prolific seed producers, and even a single weed that goes to seed can spread resistance, causing costly weed-related issues for years to come.
  • Potential resistance: In 2019, there were 81 weed species showing herbicide resistance, up from 51 in 2000. To stay ahead of the curve, we must do all we can to manage and delay herbicide resistance in order for our products to continue to manage tough weeds.
  • Competition for water, sunlight and nutrients: Weeds can steal vital nutrients needed for growth and grain fill. For instance, per the 3:3:1 rule, in 3 days, 3” weeds can remove 1” of water from the soil.*
  • Decreased yield: Ultimately, weed escapes, deposits to the weed seed bank, potential resistance and competition for nutrients all lead to decreased yield, and with the current commodity prices, every bushel counts.

To avoid these problems and get the most out of your weed management program, make preemergence and post-emergence herbicide applications at full rates and at the recommended weed growth stage indicated on the product labels.

See the effects of cutting rates for yourself at this soybean herbicide bare-ground trial at the Pontiac, IL, Grow More experience site.

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*2006 Syngenta trial: York, NE

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