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Evaluate Weed Management Performance Now

September 21, 2016

Harvest is an important time for growers across the country to evaluate their weed control tactics. When growers are harvesting, they should thoroughly check the fields for weed pressures that may have taken a toll on this year’s yield.

It’s important to remember that weeds depend on routine to survive. Weed management programs that rely on one herbicide increase the potential for herbicide-resistant weeds to develop. As a result, the herbicides used to control these weeds may become ineffective. Therefore, it becomes vital to have a proactive weed management program to win the battle against troublesome weeds.

A season-long weed management battle plan is essential to protecting your valuable crop investments. Deploy these tactics next season to avoid herbicide resistance and give your crops a fighting chance:

  • Use fully labeled herbicide rates
  • Diversify herbicide modes of action
  • Rotate crops in successive seasons
  • Overlap pre-emergence and post-emergence residual herbicides

Syngenta has a strong lineup of both pre-emergence and post-emergence corn and soybean herbicides. To combat weeds in corn, there is the dynamic duo of Acuron® or Acuron Flexi and Halex® GT herbicides.

  • Acuron defeats tough weeds current products are missing and delivers a step change in weed management with greater consistency of control.
  • Trials show that Acuron Flexi delivers improved control and more consistent control than competitive herbicide programs and can be used in states with atrazine restrictions.
  • Halex GT corn herbicide is the post-emergence partner of choice in a two-pass herbicide program. Survey shows 9 out of 10 farmers who try Halex GT use it again, making it the number one pre-mix post-emergence corn herbicide.1

In soybean fields, Boundary® 6.5 EC or BroadAxe® XC herbicides provide strong pre-emergence protection, while giving flexibility in application timing. Combining this with Flexstar® GT 3.5 herbicide increases defenses to control stubborn weeds all season.

Resistance management requires full-season attention. Don’t let weeds overtake your corn and soybean fields. Plan early for your 2017 herbicide program to control weeds, achieve higher yield and fight resistance all season.

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