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Unlock More Power Against Watermelon Gummy Stem Blight

April 19, 2019
This agronomic image shows Miravis Prime compared to other fungicide products

Syngenta Trial. Vero Beach, FL 2018

Three words watermelon growers are all too familiar with – gummy stem blight.  A University of Georgia researcher says it can require up to 9 fungicide applications per season in some regions to control this seedborne disease. And since gummy stem blight is something growers battle every year, the pathogen has developed resistance to some older fungicides, creating additional challenges and concerns for you. Knowing the economic impact of gummy stem blight can have, we understand you need potent protection to protect your marketability at the end of the season.

To get the best technology in your field, we recommend adding Miravis® Prime to boost your spray program with more power. With more potency and a unique carboximide, SDHI mode of action in Adepidyn® fungicide and fludioxonil, Miravis Prime delivers powerful protection against gummy stem blight and will help delay further resistance development. In addition, Miravis Prime:

  • Delivers excellent disease control with powerful active ingredients.
  • Accumulates heavily into the wax layer and translocates through the leaves.
  • Remains stable on the leaf surface for even distribution and protection.
  • Complements integrated pest management spray programs.

In trials comparing Miravis Prime to older fungicides, a spray program with Miravis Prime provided excellent control of gummy stem blight in watermelon.

This chart compares Miravis Prime against other fungicides.

Variety: Melody. 42 GPA, 32 psi, TX-18 hollow cone.

Planted on April 5, 2018. Application dates: April 9, April 17, April 24, May 3, May 11, May 18, May 24 and May 31.

Assessment: June 10. 0.125% induce in all sprays.

Vero Beach, FL. 2018.

With 2 new chemistries, Miravis Prime will deliver unprecedented performance against gummy stem blight and other yield-draining diseases to protect your watermelon marketability and profit potential this season and into the future.

Talk to your local retailer or visit SyngentaUS.com/Miravis-Prime to learn more.

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