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Tough Weeds Need Effective Solutions

November 8, 2017
This agronomic image shows a full rate of Acuron applied to bare ground at the DeKalb, IL, Grow More Experience site.

A full rate of Acuron applied to bare ground at the DeKalb, IL, Grow More Experience site.

Growers know that weeds rob corn yields and threaten the vitality of any farming operation. And while growers search for the next great weed management solution each year, few solutions seem to effectively manage tough weeds like giant ragweed, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.

But it isn’t always about finding the “next great” management solution. Often, it’s about choosing the right management solution customized to defeat the toughest weeds in your field.

Our agronomist at two Grow More™ Experience sites, located in DeKalb and Pontiac, IL, recently conducted trials to show the importance of using multiple effective modes of action on two of Illinois’ most notorious weeds: giant ragweed and waterhemp. Weeds like these need a tough solution containing bicyclopyrone, the newest herbicidal active ingredient on the market, to deliver effective control.

Bicyclopyrone was designed to complement mesotrione, and these two HPPD-inhibitors work together to deliver even more powerful weed control. After more than 60 days, Acuron® corn herbicide delivered greater, longer-lasting residual control compared to other herbicides, including Resicore® herbicide.

Want to see the weed control power of bicyclopyrone for yourself? Check out the videos below.

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