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Top Challenges in the Field: Weed Pressure

September 13, 2022
healthy corn rows

MN corn rows; 2022

Every growing season is unique and has its own set of challenges. This year, growers have faced extreme weather fluctuations that put pressure on weed management programs. Adding to the problem, recent years’ overly wet seasons have increased the weed seed bank. Practicing sound agronomic techniques and employing a proper weed management plan helps growers combat increased weed pressure while maximizing their yield potential.

As growers plan ahead for the next growing season, they can take these steps to tackle the rise in weed pressure.

  • Scout crops early and often to diagnose any problems before they get out of control.
  • Invest in a quality weed management plan that tackles weeds before they emerge.
  • Evaluate your previous weed management program. See what went well and what didn’t.

Listen as Wally West, Syngenta agronomic service representative, discusses the top challenges he has seen in the field and how growers can combat them.

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Listen to the full interview with West, originally posted by the Thrive® Podcast.

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