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Tips to Effectively Manage Tough Weeds in Corn

March 31, 2022
side by side comparison of a corn row before and after being treated with Acuron GT. 65 days after treatment, the photo shows no weed presence anymore

Acuron® GT corn herbicide controls tough, yield-robbing weeds 65 days after treatment (DAT). Photos taken in Rich, Missouri; 2021.

Yield-robbing weeds are highly adaptable and persistent, which means it’s important growers manage them aggressively and with sound agronomic practices.

Tips to Effectively Manage Tough Weeds

An effective weed management strategy requires more than just rotating crops and herbicides season to season. For best results:

  • Read and follow label instructions to ensure proper use when applying your corn herbicide.
  • Apply full and labeled rates.
  • Diversify chemistries – i.e., use herbicides with multiple, effective sites of action (SOAs) specifically targeted to your problematic weeds.
  • Select a herbicide with lasting residual control.

Growers familiar with Halex® GT corn herbicide or those who typically employ a 2-pass herbicide program should consider Acuron® GT corn herbicide. Acuron GT is the ultimate post-emergence herbicide because it outperforms and outyields any other post-emergence-plus-residual corn herbicide in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

Containing 4 active ingredients (AIs), including the exclusive AI bicylcopyrone, and 3 SOAs (Group 9, 15 and 27), Acuron GT delivers faster knockdown, enhanced control and longer-lasting residual in glyphosate-tolerant corn. As a result, it’s the only post-emergence corn herbicide that will deliver more bushels.

For optimum yield protection, we recommend using Acuron GT early post-emergence, before weeds reach 4” in height, in a planned 2-pass program following a preemergence application of Lumax® EZ, Lexar® EZ, Bicep II Magnum®, Bicep Lite II Magnum® or Dual II Magnum® herbicides.

graphic showing the yield increase of corn when using Acuron GT vs competitive brands. The graph shows that Acuron GT provides 8 additional bushes per acre on average.

Across 16 head-to-head replicated trials, Acuron GT outyielded other post-emergence-plus-residual herbicides by an average of 8 bu/A.

Better Yield is the Better Deal

When you start with agronomics and your end profitability goal in mind, you can better assess what practices and products will get you there. Before you commit to a season-long “deal” that may limit your choices, do some math and see how everything pencils out — because better yield with Acuron GT is the better deal.

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