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Tips to Identify Top Insect Pests in Mid-South Soybeans

July 26, 2017

With summer reaching its peak, growers still need to be on alert for insect pressure, as entomologists are noticing heavier-than-expected populations in some areas. As we head toward harvest, this makes pest recognition especially important. Here are some tips for identifying insects of top concern this summer:

Corn Earworm

  • Pale yellow-brown in color
  • Irregular wing markings
  • Wingspan of 1.5 inches

Bean Leaf Beetle

  • Red to yellow in color
  • Quarter-inch long
  • Four black spots on back

Stink Bugs

  • Redbanded stink bug: Green with red and yellow bands across the back.
  • Green stink bug: Bright green with black bands on their antennae.
  • Southern green stink bug: Green with rounded spine between hind legs.
  • Brown stink bugs: brown with yellow to light-green undersides.

Integrated pest management is a comprehensive approach for controlling insects. Remember to scout regularly, while observing field borders and monitoring moth flights.

When pests reach threshold levels, we suggest Besiege®, a broad-spectrum insecticide that fights off destructive lepidopteran pests like corn earworm and bean leaf beetle across a broad range of crops. For stink bug control, regardless of species, we recommend Endigo® ZC insecticide, for quick knockdown and extended residual control of key foliar insect pests in soybeans.

To hear more about how to handle and identify pests, select your state below to sign up for our Pest Patrol alerts, which feature reports from university and extension entomologists about current threat levels, local area outbreak predictions, treatment recommendations and more.





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