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Tips for Playing a Winning Hand Against Mother Nature this Spring

April 26, 2019

Predicting planting conditions can be likened to predicting the flop in a hand of poker – will it be wet, will it be cold, will it be hot, will it be dry, will it be any combination of these? And while today’s equipment helps you make up time lost to weather delays, it still takes time to adjust plans to react to the hand you’re dealt.

Consider your current soil conditions

If soils are moist, it’s highly likely you’ll be dealing with soilborne pathogens like Pythium and Rhizoctonia. These pathogens can cause seed rot, damping off and seedling blight. These diseases often result in reduced emergence, compromised stand establishment and poor plant vigor. Listen to insights from Jeff Mink, Syngenta agronomy service manager for the Southern U.S.

If these conditions sound like what you see in your fields, up your ante with one of our seed treatments designed to protect many of your crops from damaging diseases, insects and nematodes.

Assess your weed situation

Soil conditions also play into your weed situation. Have soils warmed enough for weeds to germinate? Are soils dry enough to make a burndown or pre-emergence herbicide application? If your fields experienced flooding, is it possible the water carried unwanted weed seeds? And from a historical perspective, what weeds are likely to pop up?

With so many variables at play, it’s important to have a solid weed management plan that includes residual herbicides. Jeff offers additional advice to help you get a head-start on weeds.

We know resistance management is also a key driver in your weed management program. Visit ResistanceFighter.com for more guidance on the right herbicides for your fields.

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