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Tips for 2021 KS and NE Growers

December 7, 2020
This agronomic image shows Palmer amaranth in soybean field.

Palmer amaranth in soybean field.

Here are some tips from local agronomists as you begin to plan for 2021:

Prepare Early for Soybean and Corn Diseases

  • Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) can be one of the most damaging yield-robbers for soybeans in NE and KS. Although signs of the disease tend to show up in late summer, growers can protect their fields early in the season to avoid disease occurrence. Seed treatments like CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® and Saltro® applied at pre-emergence help ensure healthier plants by providing consistently superior SDS protection without the stress, helping soybeans maximize their full genetic yield potential.
  • Although weather patterns in 2020 were mostly favorable to high yields and low disease pressure in corn, it’s impossible to predict if the same will be true in 2021. Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) and southern rust tend to appear annually and can devastate unprotected fields. These diseases should be taken into consideration when planning a fungicide program for next year, with effective options including:
    • Miravis® Neo fungicide delivers consistent, broad-spectrum disease control, allowing for greener plants for an extended period of time and helping crops produce more bushels more often.
    • Trivapro® fungicide also helps prevent diseases from starting and shuts down existing infections, resulting in higher potential yield. Trivapro also delivers plant-health benefits including improved water-use efficiency, stronger stalks and quicker canopy closure to prevent weed growth.

Consider Weed Management

  • Weeds like Palmer amaranth are commonly found in KS and NE and continue to be some of the biggest challenges for corn and soybean growers in the area. Palmer amaranth is the most critical weed to target and typically, if you can control it, you will be able to control other driver weeds as well. Palmer amaranth has shown some resistance to post-emergence products, but it is not resistant to key preemergence products in this area. Growers should not wait for weeds to emerge before you control them, as this is a high risk, low reward strategy for weed management. Consider these products when preparing early for your corn and soybean fields:
    • Corn: Acuron®  herbicide combines 4 active ingredients (AIs), including the unique AI bicyclopyrone, and 3 effective sites of action (SOAs). It provides excellent soil activity and expands the spectrum of large-seeded broadleaf and grass weed control.
    • Soybeans: BroadAxe® XC or Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicides provide preemergence weed control of Palmer amaranth and other similar weeds with long-lasting residual and multiple effective SOAs.

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