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Three Tips To Consider For Controlling Weeds In Winter Wheat

November 22, 2017
This agronomic image shows winter wheat.

Growers who plant winter wheat must consider several factors that could prevent them from a successful harvest in the spring. From less-than-ideal weather conditions to weed resistance, staying ahead of potential problems is key to protecting yields. Here are 3 tips to consider when planning an herbicide program for winter wheat:

  • Plan ahead for difficult weeds: To fight against resistant weeds, it’s essential to use herbicides with multiple effective modes of action. Growers should consider Talinor™ herbicide for post–emergent weed control. It contains bicyclopyrone (group 27) and bromoxynil (group 6) which are proven to be effective in controlling difficult broadleaf weeds.
  • Consider tank mixing: An appropriate tank mix can save growers time and labor costs. Talinor is an excellent tank-mix partner with Axial® XL or Axial® Star herbicides for additional modes of action and one-pass control of yield-robbing broadleaf and grass weeds.
  • Outsmart unpredictable weather: Growers know that weather has a huge impact on yields and crop quality. Choosing a herbicide with a wide application window and superior rainfastness gives growers application flexibility. Talinor is formulated to allow it to be quickly and thoroughly absorbed by plant tissues before irrigation or rain can cause product loss.

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