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Three Things to Remember with Canopy Closure and Weed Control in 2021

December 21, 2020

Saltro®-treated soybeans are off to a stronger start with quicker speed-to-canopy compared to ILEVO-treated soybeans. Kinston, NC Grow More™ Experience Site; 2020.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. After a year of record seedbank deposits, the derecho increasing risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and more, it is even more crucial to help your soybeans get the strongest start possible in 2021 to protect yield potential. This means choosing the best soybean seed treatment and weed management program for your operation to protect against early-season weed pressure and limit plant stress.

Here are 3 things to consider when planning ahead for the 2021 season to help your soybeans start the season strong.

  1. Plant Health and Vigor

Some SDS seed treatments can cause early-season stress, resulting in phytotoxic burns on the cotyledons, stunting and reduced root mass. While soybeans may appear to overcome stress side effects above ground, early-season root damage can last through the season. This can delay soybean growth and prevent soybeans from reaching their full genetic yield potential.

  1. The Race to Canopy Closure

As soon as weeds begin to steal sunlight, water and nutrients from the crop, the Iowa State University Extension says weeds begin to hurt soybean yield potential. Choosing a seed treatment that helps establish a strong plant stand early and accelerates canopy closure could help reduce competition from weeds in this critical period.

  1. More Flexibility

Beyond impacting emergence, your seed treatment selection could also impact your post-emergent herbicide choice down the line. With ever-earlier planting, ever-increasingly potent herbicide programs and ever-more erratic weather, your soybeans are under enough stress as it is. Choosing a seed treatment option that doesn’t add early-season stress to seedlings above or below ground can give you more options in your weed management program to protect plant health and manage tough weeds.

It takes a full-season program of the right seed treatments and powerful herbicides to quickly reach canopy closure, protect against weeds and disease and protect potential yield. You need to choose the right inputs for your operation to set the 2021 season up for success.

This agronomic image compares the impact of better crop safety and vigor on canopy closure

Dixon, IL; 2020 – See the impact of better crop safety and vigor on canopy closure.

Left: Saltro + CruiserMaxx® Vibrance®, Boundary® 6.5 EC 2 pt/A

Middle: Saltro + CruiserMaxx Vibrance, Fierce® XLT 4.5 oz/A

Right: ILEVO® + Acceleron®, Fierce XLT 4.5 oz/A. 

Saltro fungicide seed treatment delivers superior SDS protection without causing early-season plant stress to help protect yield potential in 2021. Better SDS protection, robust nematocidal activity and no early-season plant stress means higher potential yield for Saltro-treated soybeans.

In addition to using a powerful seed treatment like Saltro for your soybeans, you should also plan ahead for your weed management program this season with overlapping residuals to prevent deposits into the weed seedbank. A burndown of Gramoxone® SL 3.0 herbicide followed by a preemergence application of Boundary 6.5 EC, BroadAxe® XC or Prefix® herbicides can help manage weeds at the start of the season. Each of these preemergence herbicides contain multiple effective sites of action with long-lasting residual to give soybeans their best shot at growing in a weed-free field. In dicamba-tolerant soybeans, Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology herbicide can be applied early post-emergence to keep your soybeans clean with a combination of residual and contact control.

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