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Three Things to Consider When Replanting Corn

May 22, 2017

Wet conditions during corn planting have growers facing a tough decision: replant or hold firm. We recommend growers choosing to replant consider the following:

  1. Start clean…again: Ensure the original corn crop is eradicated before replanting. If it’s allowed to emerge after replanting, it will rob water and nutrients from the replanted corn. We recommend shallow tillage, as this will eradicate the first corn crop without burying your pre-emergence herbicide application so deep that it loses effectiveness.
  1. Do not reapply: For growers that started clean with an application of Acuron® or Acuron Flexi corn herbicide, reapplication is not necessary. Acuron and Acuron Flexi will remain in place unless there has been significant movement of soil across the field.
  1. Scout: Scouting is critical. We recommend scouting early and often, especially around the V3 and V4 stages. If you applied a full rate of Acuron (groups 5, 15 and 27) or Acuron Flexi (groups 15 and 27) pre-emerge you shouldn’t have to respray, but should scout just to be sure. If you planned a two-pass herbicide application, both Acuron and Acuron Flexi offer application flexibility – up to 12” corn for Acuron and up to 30” corn for Acuron Flexi. A two-pass system can also utilize a post-emergence application of Halex® GT corn herbicide (groups 9, 15 and 27) for an additional mode of action. Halex GT offers application flexibility from post-emergence up to 30” corn.

This image shows crop management and application flexibility of Acuron.

This image shows crop management and application flexibility of Acuron.

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