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Three Factors for Successful Corn Seed Selection

November 9, 2017
This agronomic image shows corn seed.

A successful season starts with the seed selection process. With a wide choice of hybrid and trait options available, narrowing them down can be a difficult task.  However, selecting the right hybrids for your farm and fields is not a decision a grower can take lightly and sets the performance potential for the entire growing season.

To find the best fit for your field, consider these 3 factors when selecting hybrids:

  1. Look for stability: You should select consistent, high performing hybrids that provide agronomic stability and withstand the rigors of a growing season. Keep an eye out for hybrids that consistently perform well across different locations. Hybrids with broad adaptability will likely reflect that consistent performance in your fields.
  2. Consider yield ratings: Next, finding a high-yielding hybrid is key. Bob Nielson, Purdue University Extension agronomist, recommends searching for hybrids that yield 5% above the average yield. For example, if the average yield in your area is 175 bu/A, you would look for hybrids yielding a minimum of approximately 184 bu/A. Nielson also recommends selecting hybrids that consistently yield at least 90% of the highest yield in a trial. Narrowing your selection to a group of stable, high-yielding performers will have a direct correlation on your fields’ performance results.
  3. Determine appropriate trait stacks: Trait stacks can address a wide array of problems, offering insect control, water optimization, herbicide tolerance and more. Selecting traited hybrids that fight against issues you’ve seen in your fields can help your corn thrive. While no 2 seasons are the same, identifying hybrids with the right traits for your fields can have a huge impact on your long-term success, and peace of mind.

The overall goal when selecting seed is to find a consistently high-yielding hybrid that fits your field’s needs. For recommendations on the best seed for your fields, contact your local NK® sales representative or NK retailer.

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