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Thirty-Year Battle Won with Acuron

July 5, 2017

This agronomic image shows a clean cornfield after using Acuron.

Minndeman’s clean field after using Acuron.

Wisconsin: For 30 years, Aric Minndeman and his family have run their family farm. And for much of that time, they have fought the same tough weed – the giant ragweed.

Growers across the country can relate to Minndeman’s problem. Giant ragweed is one of the most common weeds in the U.S., and one of the most troublesome. With its rapid growth rate, both in size and in numbers, and its yield robbing potential, Minndeman wanted giant ragweed gone.

So in 2016, he turned to Acuron® corn herbicide.

Minndeman used Acuron last year in hopes that a one-pass treatment on his corn would do the trick.

By switching to Acuron, Minndeman was able to rid his land of the persistent weed. The Acuron formulation is specifically designed to fight tough weeds like the giant ragweed. With four active ingredients and three effective modes of action, Acuron delivers the most consistent weed control on the market.

Additionally, the multi-targeted approach offers built-in corn weed resistance management and season-long residual control. For growers like Minndeman, this means higher yields and greater profitability.

Minndeman explains that for 30 years it was a challenge to find a product that offered residual control all season.  He’s really happy with how Acuron had performed last year and looks forward to another exciting season with Acuron this year.

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