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Think Twice Before Cutting Fungicides

August 11, 2020
This agronomic image shows corn stalks

R1 is the best time to apply fungicides to both corn and soybeans. Above is a photo of corn during the R1 or silking stage.

Fungicide applications are in full swing in WI. Here is an overview of some familiar and newer diseases to be on the look-out for this season:

Corn diseases

  • Northern corn leaf blight – Identifiers include long, narrow, oblong lesions on the leaf tissue, that may contain olive green or black fungal spores.
  • Gray leaf spot – Identifiers include small, pinpoint lesions surrounded by yellow halos on corn leaves. Further along in development, lesions become long, narrow and rectangular and can vary from brown to gray in color.
  • Tar spot – Identifiers include black tar-like spots on corn leaves. While this is a newer corn disease in the U.S., we have seen 30–50 bushel losses in areas with heavy infestations.

Soybean diseases

  • White mold (Sclerotinia stem rot) – Identifiers include fluffy, white growth and black sclerotia along the stem or bean pods.
  • Frog eye leaf spot – Identifiers include circular to angular spots on leaves, which resemble the eyes of frogs, begin as dark, water-soaked spots and develop into brown spots.

Nick Groth, agronomic service representative, shares about the importance of a broad-spectrum, preventive fungicide application in 2020.

To help prepare and fight against WI disease threats, we recommend applying a broad-spectrum, long lasting fungicide like Miravis® Neo fungicide. Miravis Neo contains Adepidyn® technology, one of the highest-performing, broadest-spectrum SDHI molecules available. Increasing activity against strobilurin-resistance diseases, and fusarium species. With 3 separate modes of action to help delay resistance, Miravis Neo delivers effective, lasting control of leaf spots, blights and rusts in corn and soybeans.

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