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The Rend Lake, IL, Grow More Experience Site Tackles New Challenges

October 4, 2019
Soybeans at the Rend Lake, IL, Grow More™ Experience Site.

Soybeans at the Rend Lake, IL, Grow More™ Experience Site.

The Rend Lake, IL, Grow More Experience site got off to a late start this season, after heavy spring rains led to extraordinary weed pressure. Planting occurred in June after a pre-plant herbicide application. Now, as we approach the run-up to harvest, our trials evaluating different sites of action (SOAs) have demonstrated the importance of maintaining a thorough, broad-spectrum weed management plan.

Control of Palmer amaranth and waterhemp in the site’s corn fields was dependent on 2-pass programs with products including Acuron® herbicide, Halex® GT herbicide, Lexar® herbicide and competitor products. Post-emergence-only treatments often failed to prevent weed damage, even when they effectively tackled the weeds that were present. Read more about this concept here.

Corn fungicide trials featured Miravis® Neo fungicide and Trivapro® fungicide alongside competitor products, while soybean fungicide trials featured Miravis Top fungicide versus untreated fields. Along with more typical diseases including gray leafspot and northern leaf blight in corn and Septoria leaf spot and frog eye leaf spot in soybeans, fields also experienced Southern rust in corn and target spot in soybeans. The last 2 diseases are more common in the South, and do not make regular appearances in the Midwest. Read more about Southern rust here.

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