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The Pontiac, IL, Grow More Experience Site Fights Weed Pressure

July 23, 2020
This agronomic image shows the Grow More Experience site sign for Pontiac, IL

See how Syngenta and competitor products tackle waterhemp and Palmer amaranth in both corn and soybeans at the Pontiac, IL, Grow More™ Experience site.

The Pontiac, IL, Grow More Experience site has enjoyed a calm start to the 2020 season. Like last year, the season began with a wet spring, but the fields have dried up now that we’re in the heat of summer. Since there was an early activating rainfall after mid-May planting, the preemergence herbicides are showing well against this region’s target weeds: waterhemp and Palmer amaranth.

Site trials include:

  • Bare ground trials in corn and soybeans that look at preemergent products in the market today and break those apart by their effective sites of action against waterhemp and Palmer amaranth.
  • Soybean residual trials that shows both pre- and post-emergent herbicide programs and how they compete against competitor brands.

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