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Texas Sorghum: Watch for Early-season Sugarcane Aphid

March 21, 2017

TEXAS — Sugarcane aphids are likely to return to Texas sorghum fields this season. To help you prepare for this pest, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers these management tips:

  • Let beneficial insects do some of the work. The abundance of beneficial insects early in the season this year will be important in protecting sorghum by preventing aphid movement from Johnsongrass to sorghum fields.
  • Plant early for less aphid pressure. The farther along sorghum plants are by the time aphids arrive, the better chance they have of surviving any damage. Younger plants are more susceptible to aphid damage.
  • Utilize seed treatments. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension recommends that neonicotinoid seed treatments be used on all sorghum.
  • Choose resistant or tolerant hybrids. There is a significant economic benefit to using resistant hybrids even though they still need to be sprayed at the normal threshold.

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