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Ten Tips to Combat Herbicide Resistance in Wheat

March 1, 2017
Agronomic image of wheat fields and herbicide resistance

We previously talked about what herbicide resistance means for wheat growers. Now let’s dive into how to approach herbicide resistance. Growers who wait for resistant weed populations to appear can expect herbicide resistance to quickly spread across an entire field. By employing comprehensive management techniques early and continuing them throughout the season, growers can fight the onset of resistance. This will help ensure quality, productive wheat fields with high yield potential at harvest.

Tips to Combat Resistance:

  1. Start with clean fields and apply a burndown herbicide to help control emerged weeds before planting.
  2. Plant rotation crops to extend the range of available herbicides and agronomic practices.
  3. Scout fields early and often to correctly identify weeds and select a product that addresses each field’s specific weed spectrum.
  4. Employ multiple modes of action by using a tank mix at each application during the growing season. This will reduce the selection pressure caused by using a single mode of action.
  5. Keep fields clean by using residual herbicides so young wheat plants can absorb sun, water and nutrients without competition from weeds.
  6. Apply herbicides at full, labeled rates and at the correct growth stage for effective weed control.
  7. Use effective adjuvants to improve herbicide efficacy.
  8. Closely monitor problem fields, identifying difficult-to-control weed species and dense weed populations.
  9. Clean equipment as machinery can easily spread seed from one field to another.
  10. Evaluate weed management results at the end of each harvest to improve weed control for the next season.


Submitted by Nathan Popiel, Syngenta agronomic service representative in North Dakota

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