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Tank-Mix Herbicides Offer More Weed Management Options

May 16, 2018
This agronomic image shows clean soybean rows.

In the battle against resistant weeds, researchers say one of the most important management strategies is diversifying your herbicide program by using multiple effective sites of action (SOAs). If you only apply early or late post-emergence herbicides with just 1 SOA, resistance can lead to weed control failure in as few as 2 years. By comparison, adding a pre-emergence herbicide with 2 effective SOAs can delay resistance for up to 2 decades in most cases.

One way to diversify your chemical weed management program is to tank mix your herbicide with dicamba. Numerous Syngenta soybean and cotton herbicides are now approved for tank mixing with XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology, Engenia® and FeXapan herbicides. This milestone provides more options to manage the unique weed pressures that affect your operation and will help give you peace of mind against even the toughest weeds.

Approved Syngenta tank mix herbicides* include:

Using a Syngenta herbicide tank mixed with dicamba can delay the onset of resistance, which will prolong the life of your herbicide technology. Syngenta is constantly working to equip you with the tools necessary for fighting resistant weeds in your fields year after year.

For more tips on how to win the battle against resistant weeds, visit ResistanceFighter.com.

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*Always refer to the XtendiMax, Engenia and FeXepan websites for approved mixing partners, including drift reduction agents.