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Take Steps to Control Apple Scab

May 5, 2017
An agronomic image showing apple scab on an apple.

If not controlled, apple scab can cause 70% or greater losses where humid, cool weather occurs during the spring months. In a recent article Kari Peter, assistant professor of plant pathology at Penn State University, warns that the dispersal of overwintering apple scab spores can cause outbreaks of the disease in apple trees around the region. She urges growers to scout and control apple scab early in the season.

Open blossoms on apple trees can lead to the release of apple scab spores, increasing disease pressure. It is vital to apply fungicides to prevent these spores from causing new infections. For resistance management, apply no more than 2 complete sprays (4 half sprays) of products containing FRAC Group 7. Syngenta recommends a management program including Aprovia® fungicide for excellent control of apple scab and other diseases.

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