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Take Control of Damaging Orchard Pests

May 9, 2020
This agronomic image shows naval orangeworm

A primary pest of almonds, Navel Orangeworm (NOW) is small but mighty. With a strong mummy to harvest management plan, almond growers can protect their crop and harvest high marketable yields.

Research entomologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Joel Siegel says NOW is the primary pest of almonds and pistachios in CA and is rising in walnuts. Populations grew in 2018 and they have remained a target pest for growers since.

Writing an effective management plan for NOW that also controls secondary pests, like spider mites and peach twig borer, is crucial.

The key to managing and preventing further infestation of these pests is getting ahead of them early with a May – or mummy – spray and continuing to treat orchards every 2-3 weeks.

Hull split is a crucial time for pest control. This is when tree nuts are most vulnerable to damage from pests, as the exposed nut gives NOW and secondary insects access to the prized nutmeat inside. Larvae bores into the nutmeat of almonds and other tree nuts, and as they grow and continue to consume the nutmeat, they produce large amounts of webbing and frass which leads to fungal infections and disease.

With a trio of powerful insect control tools, growers and consultants can execute a customized management plan to stay ahead of NOW and secondary pests for higher yields.

  • Minecto® Pro is a broad-spectrum foliar insecticide that controls NOW and other damaging secondary pests. Flexible enough to fit into any management plan, complementary ingredients cyantraniliprole and abamectin combine to form a convenient premix formulation that protects against multiple overlapping pest populations to meet the needs that your orchard demands.
  • To combat pest resistance, Besiege® insecticide is an excellent rotational partner that provides dual-action protection against the most difficult lepidopteran pests, including NOW, peach twig borer, codling moth, leaffooted plant bug and walnut husk fly. With long-lasting residual and outstanding knockdown, Besiege is ideal for application at hull split.
  • With a unique mode of action for control against NOW larvae, Proclaim® insecticide is rapidly absorbed into the leaf to offer knockdown activity against adults and mite suppression for 2-3 weeks after application. Additionally, this insecticide has minimal impact on beneficial populations, making it an ideal tank-mix partner.

This chart compares products for naval orangeworm control in almonds

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