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Take Action Now to Protect KY Soybean Yield

July 23, 2020
this agronomic image shows Soybean crop infected with brown spot.

Soybean crop infected with brown spot.

With some areas of KY experiencing consistent rainfall, moisture and even flooding this season, taking proactive measures is crucial when preventing yield loss from foliar diseases. Since the Crop Protection Network says brown spot is the most common soybean foliar disease, it’s no surprise cases have been reported in KY. Fungicide applications have begun, and if you haven’t started applying to your soybean crop, now is the time to take action against brown spot and other costly foliar diseases, like target spot and frogeye leaf spot. Here are a few in-season disease management tips to consider:

  • Know your field’s history. Brown spot and other common foliar diseases often lurk in fields that plant continuous soybeans. If you have not planted rotational crops, a build-up of inoculum could make your field vulnerable to disease.
  • Scout often. Foliar diseases infect the lowest leaves first. Rain can spread diseases from the bottom to the top of the plant.
    • According to researchers with the University of Kentucky Extension, in the case of brown spot specifically, under conducive environments up to 15% yield loss can occur. Scout your fields consistently for symptoms and keep weather forecasts top of mind so you can assess disease severity and take action.
  • Apply a fungicide at the right time. If you haven’t made a decision on whether to apply a fungicide this season, don’t wait too long to take action against brown spot and other yield-robbing diseases. Apply a fungicide at R3 – R5 for the most efficient protection.

When it comes to controlling even the toughest soybean diseases, we recommend Miravis® Top fungicide. Delivering broad spectrum disease control, Miravis Top is custom built with 2 modes of action, including Adepidyn® technology, to stop existing infections and prevent new ones.

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