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Tackle Weeds with Powerful Control

November 9, 2017

This agronomic image shows weed control with Acuron followed by Acuron.

Caption: Acuron followed by Acuron at the Morgan, MN, Grow More Experience site.

Many household products list a slew of chemicals that may not offer much meaning to the consumer. The same goes for a herbicide’s list of active ingredients. Thiencarbazone, clopyralid, flumetsulam: each of these active ingredients is listed in several corn herbicides — but do you really know what’s in your herbicide and how it performs in your field?

Individual active ingredients in a herbicide work together to deliver weed control. But not all active ingredients work together to deliver long-lasting residual weed control.

Bicyclopyrone, mesotrione, S-metolachlor and atrazine: these four active ingredients contain unique physical properties that work together in a premix called Acuron® corn herbicide. Physical properties, including water solubility and soil absorption, are key factors that determine a herbicide’s effectiveness.

Bicyclopyrone, the newest herbicidal active ingredient on the market, is particularly unique. Under extreme conditions, bicyclopyrone is readily available for the weed to uptake because of its water solubility. And with its good soil absorption, bicyclopyrone holds on to soil and organic matter so weeds can uptake Acuron.

At a Grow More™ Experience site, located in Morgan, MN, the active ingredients in Acuron were tested against the active ingredients in other herbicides to show the efficacy of each active ingredient. The result? More powerful weed control with Acuron and its individual active ingredients.

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