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Fight Resistant Weeds in Wheat and Barley

December 7, 2016
Agronomic image of Talinor herbicide in cereals

Yield-robbing weeds infest wheat and barley fields, compete with crops and can ultimately impact yield potential and crop quality. Resistant weeds can compound this problem for decades. Because of this, it’s important to be proactive and fight herbicide resistance to avoid weed resistance problems for years to come.

To help combat this problem, Syngenta recently announced the federal registration of Talinor™ herbicide, a new option for wheat and barley growers to manage weed resistance and control damaging broadleaf weeds. Talinor:

  • Controls more than 45 troublesome broadleaf weeds, particularly those resistant to ALS-inhibitor, synthetic auxin and glyphosate herbicides
  • Combines 2 active ingredients (bicyclopyrone and bromoxynil) with 2 modes of action for effective weed control
  • Offers flexible crop rotation and a wide application window
  • Provides excellent tank-mix flexibility and is an ideal mix partner with Axial® brand herbicides for one-pass grass and broadleaf control
  • Is conveniently packaged with CoAct+™ additive to deliver optimum performance
  • Is an ideal fit for growers in the Northern Plains and the Pacific Northwest

Proactive practices can help minimize the evolution of herbicide resistance in wheat fields. Remember when applying herbicides that timing, using the full recommended rates and utilizing different modes of action will help fight herbicide resistance and ultimately help grow more wheat.

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