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Sugarbeet growers: Be on the lookout for Pythium

June 14, 2016

Hot conditions and excessive soil moisture creates a perfect environment for Pythium, a soilborne fungus that infects sugarbeets.

One of the most common early season diseases, Pythium can infect seedlings and hinder stand establishment. However, it is also capable of damaging mature beets late in the season. Heavy infestations of Pythium significantly reduce sugar content and quality.

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Protecting sugarbeets from Pythium root rot starts before planting begins. To control Pythium root rot, growers can:

  • Provide ample field drainage
  • Prevent excessive moisture from irrigation systems
  • Use raised beds and sprinkler irrigation when excessive moisture is unavoidable
  • Rotate with non-susceptible crops

Syngenta offers CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets insecticide/fungicide seed treatment to help protect sugarbeets against Pythium from the start. By protecting against both seedling diseases and insects, CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets enhances vigor, improves stand establishment, and helps grow more sugar by protecting the plant before the seed even germinates.

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