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Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Row Crops

April 26, 2017

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is the most efficient method of delivering irrigation water directly to the crop root zone, according to the Clemson Cooperative Extension. In row crops such as cotton, yield can be increased or the same yield can be produced with less water. Installing an SDI system requires investment, but there are numerous benefits of subsurface irrigation that can help cotton crops.

The positive effects of SDI on cotton yields are well-documented. In a three-year cotton study in South Carolina, SDI increased lint yield by an average of 65% — increasing revenue by almost $400 per acre per year.

SDI can help reduce weed problems by keeping the soil surface dry. The systems are incredibly efficient, eliminating the risk of runoff and erosion as all water stays below the surface of the ground. Fertilizers can be fed directly to plants, and herbicide applications may be lessened due to less weed problems.

In addition to using techniques like subsurface drip irrigation to maximize cotton yield, we recommend that you consider the available range of crop protection options from Syngenta. Avicta® Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance® seed treatment provides best-in-class Rhizoctonia protection as well as broad-spectrum control of seed, soil and foliar insects. Besiege® insecticide, Gramoxone® SL 2.0 herbicide, and Quadris® fungicide control insects, weeds and diseases with proven performance.

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