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Strong Roots Stand Up to Strong Winds

November 7, 2016

Northern Knox County, IL: Looking around Tim Main’s acres, only a few things stood taller than his Golden Harvest® Corn: dozens of wind turbines.

Driven by his battle against the bracing winds and strong storms that blow through his fields, Main is a strong proponent of technological advances. He is thankful for the way modern innovations, including advancements in genetics and breeding, have improved his ability to produce quality crops and increased yields to levels his grandfather would have never imagined.

One innovation that helped to make his 2016 harvest a success was Golden Harvest hybrid G14R38. Its superb root strength and proven stalk strength serve conditions like Main’s quite well, and is built to withstand a range of insect pest pressures.

The end result? Corn yields anywhere from 220 to 270 bu/A,” Main said, another good haul for a tough environment.


Tim Main’s acres are nestled between rows of wind turbines – a visual reminder of the weather conditions he faces each year.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or used with permission.

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