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Stripe Rust Continues to Threaten Wheat

June 15, 2017

The stripe rust that threatened our winter wheat will continue to affect our spring wheat in the Pacific Northwest. Characterized by the yellow orange pustules located linearly between leaf veins, stripe rust survives between seasons and can be spread by wind. Increase in water loss and decrease in green leaf tissue due to infections may reduce wheat yield.

Responsible for past wheat epidemics in the Pacific Northwest, stripe rust can be a real threat to wheat growers’ profitability. Growers can take a proactive approach to controlling stripe rust this spring by scouting their fields early and often. We also suggest applying a foliar fungicide.

Compared with other programs, Trivapro® fungicide provided superior control of stripe rust in winter wheat and will provide the same harder working, longer lasting protection in spring wheat. Trivapro helped boost yields on average by 13 bu/A and also offers:

  • Long-lasting preventive and curative disease control
  • Improved crop enhancement

To learn more and see performance data for your area, visit www.NotAfraidToWork.com.

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