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Stop Stress from Negatively Impacting Your Corn in 2024

October 2, 2023
early season corn emerging without weeds

Weed-free corn emerging

Stress is bad for you, and too much can have a negative impact on your performance. But did you know it’s bad for your corn’s performance, too? Managing your corn’s stress level can help protect its yield potential and starts with good, early-season weed management.

From the moment you plant, weeds create crop stress by competing for sunlight, nutrients and water. Research has demonstrated that even non-competitive early-season interactions between weeds and corn can significantly affect crop growth, development and yield potential. What’s the solution? Start and stay clean by planting into clean, weed-free fields and then maintaining them throughout the season.

Preemergence residual herbicides build upon the good work started by a burndown herbicide, layering a strong foundation for a weed-free growing season, but proper application timing is critical for a successful preemergence program. While the ideal timing is before weeds have emerged, the absolute latest to curtail damage from early-season competition is before weeds reach 4” in height.

Here are 4 ways preemergence herbicides protect crops and pave the way for higher yield potential:

  1. Preemergence herbicides help manage early-season weed competition. Many weeds, such as marestail, giant ragweed and common lambsquarters, can emerge as early as March and are challenging to control without a preemergence solution, especially once they’ve grown larger than 4″ in height.
  2. Preemergence residual herbicides provide a longer window for young corn and soybean plants to establish healthy root systems and strong stands free of weed competition.
  3. By controlling weeds early on, a preemergence residual program makes timely postemergent applications easier, as there should be fewer weed escapes to contend with.
  4. Preemergence programs reduce the number of weeds that are exposed to post-emergence herbicides, decreasing the potential for resistance development.

For maximum weed control and yield potential in corn, we recommend Acuron® herbicide. Acuron delivers built-in burndown and residual control of 70+ grass and broadleaf weeds with its 4 active ingredients and 3 effective sites of action, including the unique active ingredient bicyclopyrone (BIR). BIR enables more consistent weed control across soil types and geographies. Acuron also offers long-lasting residual and proven crop safety.

Better early-season weed control, long-lasting residual and proven crop safety have many benefits, but what’s most important is that they add up to higher yield and revenue potential for you. When applied preemergence and at a full label rate, Acuron outyielded competitors by 5-15 bushels per acre in replicated Syngenta and university trials.*

Want to see what those extra bushels could mean for your revenue potential? Try our online calculator and find out.

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*Acuron yield advantage range based on 2016 Syngenta and university replicated trials comparing Acuron to Corvus®, Resicore®, SureStart® II and Verdict® herbicides applied preemergence and at full labeled rates.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or internal Syngenta evaluations. Trials reflect treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace.

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