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Stop Corn Rootworm Damage from Impacting Your 2021 Crop

September 1, 2020

Corn rootworm larvae on corn roots

One of the worst aspects of corn rootworm (CRW) is its unpredictability. CRW pressure can vary from year to year and location to location, but this resilient pest is highly adaptable and can wreak havoc on yield.

In August, the first reports of light to moderate damage from emerging adult CRW beetles came in from North Dakota State University. For other states, the impact is far more serious. The University of Illinois reports CRW activity in the state is much higher this season than previous years, and the violent winds across the Midwest revealed unseen CRW damage in states like IA when corn toppled over.

Our agronomists have seen CRW pressure building in 2020, and you may not be adequately prepared to protect against the pest. In a recent Syngenta US Twitter poll, 26% of respondents said they’ve yet to decide on a CRW strategy for 2021.

This image shows poll results about corn rootworm preparation

Now is the perfect time to monitor for pressure so you can make the right management decision for your 2021 corn crop.

For consistent control of CRW in 2021, we recommend Force® Evo insecticide for peace of mind on every acre. Force Evo delivers proven CRW control with an enhanced liquid formulation that’s convenient and easy to use. Plus, Force Evo also controls other early-season pests, such as white grubs, wireworms and seedcorn maggots, leading to improved root growth, better nutrient uptake and improved yield potential.

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